Peshawar Zalmi announce ‘Global Zalmi League’ fixture

Peshawar Zalmi announce ‘Global Zalmi League’ fixture

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Pakistan Super League (PSL) champion Peshawar Zalmi has announced its own T20 league titled “Global Zalmi League” where highly talented and passionate cricketers will gather under Zalmi s umbrella to show their skills.

After successful Zalmi World Cup event last year, Peshawar Zalmi has announced fixture of Global Zalmi League starting from 11th Feb in Ajman Oval cricket ground Ajman UAE.

16 teams from 15 countries including Kadhmir Zalmi will be in action to play for the GZL cup. Teams are Australia, Zalmi, Austrian Zalmi, Bahrain Zalmi, Bonn Zalmi, Canada Zalmi, China Zalmi, Dubai Zalmi, Kabul Zalmi, Kashmir Zalmi, Korea Zalmi, London Zalmi, Paris Zalmi, Saudi Arabia Zalmi, South Africa Zalmi, Torino Zalmi, US A Zalmi National Team.

Javed Afridi, Chairman of Peshawar Zalmi, said that the creation of the Global Zalmi League and the creation of Zalmi team in 5 regions of the world is an amazing achievement to unite them under Pakistan-based franchise.

“It is important that we want to empower our overseas Pakistans to develop & promote safe image of Pakistan as well. Global Zalmi is best example of Global village as we want to bring different nationalities & fans together to play the game of cricket. I am pleased to confirm 2 players from KP & FATA can also be selected in the teams to give them chance of playing against global and diversified talent.”

(via Dunya News)

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